Ceox IT services Ltd.

Welcome to the website of Ceox IT services Kft.

Based on our high level experience gathered in various fields of the IT sector we solve problems of our clients while giving appropriate answers to the challenges of this ever changing world.

Through realization of Your ideas, we strive to give You further business advantage with selecting the latest technology available. We are planning ahead, thus we are paying attention to correctness, and to our clean and transparent operation.

Meanwhile We believe that our measures taken in defense of personal data will result in a more transparent, livable, and human oriented future. Contac US

Our attitude towards work

involves long term planning, that is why You will find us in the future as well.

We support non-stop availability if required.

We are user friendly (we approach every need customized, we are flexible towards special occasions)

We provide extra warranty (over the ordinary warranty period, we have valid liability insurance for clients with need for outstanding background security)

We are brand independent (we recommend what is best for You)

We are constantly train ourselves that our knowledge remain up-to-date.

Why people choose us? Why choose us?

We are devoted to quality. We follow the requirements of ISO 27001, ISO9001 and ISO 20001 standards.

For a specific topic, our high level of knowledge possessed in other fields serves high added value such as: Project management, Software development, database management, optimization, SQL inquiries, data warehousing, operation of operating systems, building networks, operation of network devices, implementation of CRM, use of applications, organization of procedures, reorganization, information security, data security, operation of IT systems, education, IT infrastructure, firewalls, border security devices, mail wares, vulnerability, GDPR, and many more…

Our notable partners

dr. Czimmermann Law office

Legal lector of our GDPR material. Beyond data protection, they are

significant experts on several legal fields.